Tricia is the single mom of not just one but triplet seventeen-year-old boys, two of whom are severely autistic, unable to communicate, subject to obsessive and perseverative behaviors, afflicted with digestive problems and incontinence, and periodically incapacitated by rages or meltdowns.  More than once, Tricia has been bruised and battered when a kid couldn't contain his impatience, anger, or excitement.  She is remarkable for her cheer and steadiness in devotion to them, but worries about what will happen when the last of their school-age support programs end, when she herself will be passing into later middle age, and less able to contain or care for them.  Meanwhile, she divided her getaway time between one of CAREGIFTED's erstwhile haunts (Eastport, Maine) and one of its new destinations (Victoria BC across the border from Seattle).  On a random stroll through Chinatown, she tried on a wig that made a material transformation as striking as the psychological one she feels when she gets a breather in places of great natural beauty-- so we made a gift of it, to her.  She says on her arrival home the two most disabled boys were respectively mystified and amused by it-- (but of course delighted to get her back in any incarnation!)

AuthorHeather McHugh