In 2017, we will be announcing some changes to the way CAREGIFTED approaches its mission. We will be focused on spreading UNDERSUNG, the remarkable film by Adam Larsen & Heather McHugh, and re-formatting our approach to respite getaways in order to find a more sustainable path forward. 


News + Updates
Interview with Suzy Clement

This is an interview with Suzy Clement, a mother of two special needs children. Suzy is a photographer / artist and is married to Lenny Gonzalez, a videographer and musician. Their daughter Mielle is 14 years old and has Juvenile Myositis, a rare, autoimmune disease. She is still in treatment and is functioning well, given her challenges. Lucien is 9 years old and diagnosed with a form of autism. He is mostly non-verbal and requires help with all his daily needs.

A Caregiver’s Heart in Arizona

Amy Silverman’s recent memoir, MY HEART CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT, blends memoir and journalism to tell the story of Amy’s struggles to come to terms with a new role: caregiver for her daughter Sophie, who has Down Syndrome. 

FAQs on Medical Marijuana

Elizabeth Aquino, a past recipient of a CAREGIFTED Getaway, has been an active member of the epilepsy community, founding a non-profit foundation called PACE (People Against Childhood Epilepsy) that raised several million dollars for cutting edge research and eventually folded into CURE. She also served on the board of several non-profits serving the special needs community, including The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles and Realm of Caring.