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Taming the Monster

Christy Shake’s blog, Calvin's Story is an extraordinary chronicle of her family’s struggle to care for her son. At any moment, Christy and her husband Michael can find their lives under assault by what she calls:  “…a savage monster that eclipsed all other adversity we had yet encountered. That monster was, and continues to be, epilepsy.”

Joie de Vivre Over Possibility and Ability

Caring for a child with a severe disability means a lifetime of being an outsider. Heather Kirn Lanier,  a poet, teacher and mother, beautifully illustrates this experience in her post “Notes from the Land of Beauty and Difficulty” from her blog, Star in Her Eye.  

Caregifted Blog of the Week Award: The Creation of Beauty

Elizabeth Aquino, her husband, and two of her daughters care for Sophie, who was born happy and healthy nearly twenty years ago. Within months of birth, Sophie started having seizures. Elizabeth writes...