In 2017, we continue to provide getaways to the weariest caregivers. This year we anticipate sending 12 caregivers on respite trips to Vancouver, Canada. In addition, we will be focused on spreading UNDERSUNG, the remarkable film by Adam Larsen & Heather McHugh. The film is now readily available for purchase or if you would like to schedule a local screening, please contact us.

Finally, we will be re-formatting our approach to respite getaways in order to find a more sustainable path forward. If you would like to complete an application for a respite getaway or nominate a deserving caregiver, please do so here. We will keep all applications on a waiting list and will notify awarded caregivers as resources allow.

The Giver is Gifted Blog

"Accompanied Corpus," by Suzanne Edison

"And for mi corazon, pumping / squeeze-boxed blood, my breath / like a Klezmer tune’s wail, I covet / a charm sprouting leaves and fruit, the sword / removed from its tin heart."

"Watching the Clock," by Brian Trapp

A flash essay by Brian Trapp: "At age 17, he liked to go to my hockey games and watch me fall all over the ice while he flirted with his lady friends. My brother was mostly a spectator in the world raging around him, but more than anything he wanted to be included. He enjoyed it."

Interview with Suzy Clement

This is an interview with Suzy Clement, a mother of two special needs children. Suzy is a photographer / artist and is married to Lenny Gonzalez, a videographer and musician. Their daughter Mielle is 14 years old and has Juvenile Myositis, a rare, autoimmune disease. She is still in treatment and is functioning well, given her challenges. Lucien is 9 years old and diagnosed with a form of autism. He is mostly non-verbal and requires help with all his daily needs.